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f2rWelcome to my blog FULLED.RUN | – an insight to how tailored sports nutrition can benefit your journey in improving your performance towards a targeted goal or to help you take those first steps back into exercise. See how a sports nutrition consultancy can help you. View my personal TRAINING diary detailing my journey into endurance running and how I use sports nutrition in my diet to train, race and recover.

What is a Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor…

Sports and Exercise Advisors develop, implement and evaluate nutritional strategies to optimise performance in sport and exercise against government guidelines. They determine the energy, fluid and nutrient demands of sport and exercise and provide tailored dietary advice to amateur athletes and sports-minded clients on their nutritional needs.


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Are you a sports person who is…
  • Aiming for improved results from your training?
  • Seeking a personal best performance time?
  • Tackling a new event, distance or even sport?
  • Looking to get more out of your training time?
  • Struggling to complete training sessions due to fatigue?
  • Trying to reduce gastro-intestinal problems?
  • Recovering from injury?
  • Looking to control weight management?
  • Getting back into running following having a baby?
Working with Anthony on your nutrition can help you…
  • Build a ‘Balanced’ diet plan based on your individual targets (Weight Management, Key Event \ or Goal)
  • Advise on SAFE Weight management and reduction in combination with a ‘Balanced Diet’
  • Optimise pre-event, event and post-event nutrition, thus enhancing strength, endurance, overall performance and recovery
  • Ensure that you are eating a diet with the optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, plus adequate vitamins, minerals and fibre, to meet your individual training and performance needs.
  • Develop an appropriate hydration strategy for training and racing, to minimise the risk of either dehydration or hyponatremia.
Anthony Clark

acGB International Ultra, and 02:30 Marathon runner, husband and dad

Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor, specialising in

    • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
    • Nutrition and Weight Management
    • Behaviour Change Coaching
    • Pre and Post-natal nutrition
    • Childhood Nutrition and Obesity prevention

Sports nutrition advisor for Endurance Sports Store

Anthony works as a NWM adviser for XMiles UK Ltd, where a variety of nutritionist services and packages are available, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of an endurance sports participant. Please visit the XMiles Nutrition Services page for more details.

Endurance Sports Running Podcast | Anthony Clark @fragilerunner, Stephen Cook @rustytrowel present a new podcast where we talk distance running news, training, nutrition, review running gear, check in with guests and cover races in a relaxed format.

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