Training – Annual Summary 2009

Annual Summary 2009

Device: Garmin Forerunner 405

Annual Totals:
Total Miles: 1,359 Miles Weight: Not Recorded Races \ Events: 20  WAVA: 72.81
Training by months:
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Miles 137 100 163 95 112 98 121 141 114 93 85 101
Weight (lb)
1st Marathon - 02:57:37
1st Marathon – 02:57:37

The year of my first Marathon. After running consistently and joining my local running club Wimborne AC I took the leap and entered the Paris Marathon. This saw my training take a step up and I regularly clocked up more than 100 miles per month. As the training picked up my target time also changed from originally wanting to go sub 03:30. This target tumbled and I took the bold step to start the marathon at sub 03:00 pace.

I can’t quite explain the feeling of hitting the finish line of your first marathon, and the added joy of meeting your goal time but it did not go without its ups and downs. I can’t really recall miles 23 – 26, I know my vision was blurred in the final miles and I can only imagine I was weaving (stumbling) but I managed to keep it together to finish in 02:59:37 and destroy 2 steak meals for lunch and dinner, well while in Paris why not!

For some reason I also entered the inaugural North Dorset Village Marathon the following month, having taken it easy between I finished in a pleasing 03:35:52. I was hooked on Marathon running! And completed a further two marathons in 2009, the New Forest Marathon (03:25:26) and the Abingdon Marathon (03:01:34).

Diet & Weight

No changes in my diet, eating more post running but really diet wise – nothing changed.

My weight was not recorded from 2009 – 2010,  but it fluctuated between 170 lb – 185 lb hitting a point were I was eating more calories than burning when not running.

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