Training – Annual Summary 2010

Annual Summary 2010

Device: Garmin Forerunner 405

Annual Totals:
Total Miles: 1028 Miles Weight: Not Recorded Races \ Events: 12  WAVA: 70.86
Training by months:
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Miles 162 151 84 101 77 47 74 60 105 37 61 68
Weight (lb)
Sub 3 in Berlin
Sub 3 in Berlin

So 2010 was a marathon year; trying to understand how to race the distance and train better. So in 2010 I ran the:

  • Marato de Barcelona (02:56:50) PB
  • London Marathon (03:01:01) GFA Start
  • Edinburgh Marathon (03:14:17)
  • Berlin Marathon (02:57:55)

A strange running year as I seemed to focus more on the events than the training and with a promising start in Barcelona with a new PB, the rest of the year’s training wasn’t overly spectacular and mileage dropped off at the latter end of 2010.

Diet & Weight

Again the diet continued the same as 2009 for 2010 and still no changes in my ability to eat and drink too much post running.

My weight was not recorded between 2009 – 2010,  but it fluctuated between 170 lb – 185 lb.


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