Training – Annual Summary 2012

Annual Summary 2012

Device: Garmin Forerunner 610

Annual Totals:
Total Miles: 2056 Miles Weight: 163.0 lb (169.4 lb) Races \ Events: 17  WAVA: 76.55
Training by months:
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Miles 280 192 113 161 151 105 82 183 200 170 200 219
Weight (lb) 181.4 176.6 176.2 163.0 175.0 175.2 179.9 178.4 175.8 170.6 169.8 169.4

Again a Sub 02:50 target London Marathon disappointed with 3:00:26, North Dorset Marathon clocked my sub 3 for 2012 in 02:56:19 and 4th year in a row, then I headed off road with an ultra in the Marlborough Downs Challenge – 33 Miles, then the Purbeck Marathon and the Great Clarendon Marathon, before a renewed attempt at a fast road marathon in October on the roads of Dublin.

2012Dublin Marathon was first just planned as a weekend away with running friends to enjoy the city and run the marathon, however even without a set training plan with all the off-road racing I had done since North Dorset I felt reasonably strong and was ready to give it a go without setting myself any real target.  I had an idea of pace I wanted to hit but just got sucked into a good group of runners hitting roughtly the pace I wanted and it just kept going, mile after mile I was getting more confident and when I hit mile 21, 22, and 23 I felt good enough to push on and finished in 02:50:04, a massive PB and a massive mental barrier broken with my ability. The trip was finished with plenty of amazing food and loads of Guniness to celebrate.

The year finish with my best WAVA peformance at the Christchurch Christmas 10k with a new PB 35:50 (5:46m/m) and I felt I was ready for 2013.

Diet & Weight

2012 I was recording my weight throughout the year, Again I had not done anything special or made any changes to my diet. My weight was down to 163.0 lb pre ‘London Marathon’ race day and fluctuated around mid 170’s and with the increase in mileage dropped down below 170 to 169.4 lb at the end of December ready for 2013.

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