Training 01 – 07 Feb

Weekly Summary 07.02.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 620

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 84.2 Miles Weight: 162.6 lb Avg Pace: 6:50 mm Time: 09h 36m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 13.1 0 11.1 10.2 7.6 20.1 22.3
kcals 1,617 0 1,366 1,248 931 2470 2,736

Second full week back into higher mileage training, and start of official 100k training plan, this week saw the first planned double 20+ mile weekend. Monday was a relatively easy 13 miles followed by a full rest day on Tuesday, which also was my first of planned weekly sports massages, the decision with my Chiropractor Jenny Molloy was with the increase in mileage I would maintain weekly sport massages to ensure any niggle were dealt with ASAP.

With the planned first double 20+ mile weekend, Wednesday to Friday were all easy runs with average pace between 6:35 – 6:50 mm. Saturday’s 20 was to include Poole Parkrun to get a bit of speed work mixed into the long run, I had decided to do this following Mansfield parkrun the week before and will look to add more parkruns into my Saturday long run to keep up with the tempo speed interval and break up the solo long runs.

So on Saturday I hit the trail way to Poole nice and steady until I hit the headwind along the hols bay that stopped me in my tracks so much so I wasn’t sure I would make the start.  With a couple of minutes to spare I joined the masses that is Poole parkrun and knocked out a 19:00 which felt OK considering we were fighting the wind on the course then easy back home.

Sunday 22 miles included a late entry into the Blackmore Vale half marathon, 7 miles easy run followed a couple more miles waiting for the delayed start before a decent effort at the undulation Blackmore Vale route, I was please with the efforts and pace and felt strong up to mile 10 running with a group including Steve Claxton from Poole Runners. Knowing the course I was not wanting to push my body too hard over the remaining 3 very hilly miles so let the group go away and finished in 1:22:38.

Diet \ Food Diary

First recorded weigh in for the year, 162.6lb (11st 8). Shows the lack of training adds the pounds. aim to get down to under 11 stone for race day. Diet control is now in progress…

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