Training 29 – 06 March inc. Wimborne 20

Weekly Summary 06.03.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 84.5 Miles Weight: 155.8 lb Avg Pace: 6:51 mm Time: 9h 39m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 0 0 14.14 11.40 10.03 8.14 40.83
kcals 0 0 1,224 1,064 975 825 3,187

Monday and Tuesday were taken as full rest days, this was for two reasons, following last week’s training I was suffering from soreness in my right foot and tightness in the shin, it seems this was a result in wearing new trainers too tight. (School boy error). So after a good Sunday I started a routine of ice bath \ heat treatment, this included a full legs sports massage on the Monday by Dave Holmes. With improvement on the Tuesday I continued the same routine of ice bath \ heat treatment ready to resume full training on Wednesday with the BAC marathon session.

Positive news for Wednesday morning was the foot and shin were recovering and feeling much better, with only some slight swelling from visual inspection. So focus and onto this week’s BAC session 20 minutes 5 x 3 minutes 20 minutes with 3 minute recoveries after the first 20 and before the second 20, with 90 second recoveries between the 3 minute efforts. The session effort is based on 20’s at Half Marathon pace and 3’s at 10k pace.  However strangely legs didn’t seem to want to play, even with the two rest days but still managed a solid session BAC 20 / 5 x 3 (5:34, 5:37, 5:25, 5:24, 5:24) / 20.

w20For the remainder of the week it was easy runs between 8 and 10 miles with legs showing signs of feeling the high mileage from the last few weeks. On the Saturday I took an easy run around one lap of the Wimborne 20 route that was to be my basis of the big session for the week, my 40 mile 100k race paced session. This key session win my 100k build up was a planned 40 mile run on the new Wimborne 20 race route, first 20 with Jon Sharkey for company the second part of the official Wimborne 20 race hosted by Wimborne AC.

As Sunday morning arrived my legs finally felt like they were ready to do some running, so 40 mile race paced effort was the plan approx. 7 m/m pace. Jon collected me just before 07:00 and we headed down to Gaunts Common (Race HQ). We got underway just after 07:00 for the first of six laps, the first couple of laps went smoothly over the 6.5 mile undulating loop, as you can see from the elevation chart (below) the course route had cheeky couple of hills throw in. Lap three I had a quick loo stop at approx. mile 16 then from mile 17 ran solo whilst Jon knocked out a few marathon pace efforts before finishing his 20. Massive thanks to Jon for the company and help on the run.

w20 evel

My amazing wife Nicki was positioned at the end of the lap and proceeded to pass me my race vest with number and fuel for my next lap, whilst onlookers must have thought I was mad getting changes whilst running up and down the road and as you can see from the video below I timed my entrance to perfection and hopped into the start with seconds to spare to start the second 20 miles without taking an enforced break.

w20 acSo the objective was to keep ticking along at the same pace, with confirmation I was just under my planned pace from my Garmin reporting an average of 6:53 m/m with just under 21 miles completed. Nice also to have a big group for company for the first lap (lap 4), although this would change over the remaining laps as most people were running progressive marthon training runs. As lap 4 completed Nicky passed me my fuel for lap 5 and with changing company I completed another lap without incident, the final pass of fuel at the end of lap 5 I was ready to keep it steady through the first hill section before stating to push into the final 4 miles, knowing I had one more hill at mile 18 (39) I started to catch a few runners who were struggling in front whilst also lapping some back markers and once cresting the final hill made a effort to catch 2 more runners ahead of me knowing the 1.5 miles was net dowhill I managed to up the pace with a 6:20 and 5:40 m/m to finish. JOB DONE!

What was surprising that my pre breakfast weight was 157.6lb and whilst including breakfast, race fuel and recovery snack (2100 calories) I finished the race weighing 152.4lb.

Better late than never! thanks Kevin Day for the video.


Check out my Strava log of the run – Wimborne 20 X 2

Diet \ Food Diary

Second full week, daily calorie target set to 1760 base plus extra calories consumed dependent on the day’s activities (as shown in the ‘training by days’ table provided by Garmin). Note the morning snack on Sunday included my face fueling for the 40 miles session.

Food Diary by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast 188 231 242 261 260 254 321
Morning Snacks 0 0 74 155 252 331 1,864
Lunch 274 174 534 404 455 501 839
Afternoon \ Evening Snacks 248 149 279 292 244 488 538
Dinner 468 995 1,007 747 477 543 652
Drinks 25 31 38 59 110 164 75
Daily Totals 1,204 1,559 2,173 1,918 1,799 2,282 4,289

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