Training 14 – 18 March

Weekly Summary 18.03.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 29.2 Miles Weight: 154.2 lb Avg Pace: 7:33 mm Time: 3h 41m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 0 11.40 3.5 6.23 0 0 8.07
kcals 0 955 267 550 0 0 710

Week 1 taper week – TAPER MADNESS – What a week I think I have been through every emotion!

So the week started with a planned rest day following the Lamer marathon with a full body sports massage by my chiropractor Jenny Molloy. All seemed to be OK a little bit of soreness in the right leg (Hamstring \ back of knee and down into the ankle). Then it seemed to start to go downhill rapidly, Tuesdays session was my worst from the whole build up tight hamstrings and legs were not feeling great for the whole run so tried to take it as easy as possible and jumped into an ice bath on my return, on instruction from Jenny I was put on two days easy the first being a 3.5 mile jog, unfortunately this did not do to plan and the pain in the knee stopped me from running freely, I followed this run with another ice bath. Another test run on Thursday, the outcome was better following the lighter previous day but even though the 5 miles on a grass loop were pain free the pain reoccurred on the run home, more ICE BATH! Don’t we love that TAPER feeling.

So after consulting with Jenny knowing that we were not going to effect the base and training the new plan was for 2 complete rest day to allow the inflammation to go down, this was to be assisted with ibuprofen gels and tablets taken with breakfast and evening meals starting on Thursday evening until Saturday evening.  Sunday was another planned test run, not sure if the nerves were more of an issue than the running however once all ibuprofen has left the body to avoid any masked effects I went for a easy run, this was a successful 1 hour easy 8 miles, happy to say no real issues from the leg. Now just need to sort my head out as much as anything.  Defiantly think the England vest is playing tricks with me. Let’s forget week 1 and move onto week 2 taper ASAP.

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Diet \ Food Diary

As before the third full weeks daily calorie target continued set at 1760 base plus extra calories consumed dependent on the day’s activities (as shown in the ‘training by days’ table provided by Garmin).

So here is where I started to make adjustments, due to the lack or running and also entering the taper phase I wanted to ensure whilst keeping a balanced diet I didn’t gain any extra weight.  Note low calorie intake on Monday and on the other enforced rest day, I also added bigger portions of vegetables as prep from next week’s card depletion, this can been seen in Mondays very low calorie intake. And I focused on upping the carbohydrate intake on Saturday and Sunday with last carbs on Sunday before 3 day low carb diet.

So from Monday next week I will be entering my taper carb depletion phase, 3 days of restricted carbohydrate intake. For more information see the Carb Depletion – Low Carb Diet post.

Food Diary by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast  199  245  227  212  235  170  287
Morning Snacks  92  88 86  47  19  202  108
Lunch  158  420  461  435  436  429  527
Afternoon \ Evening Snacks  200  645  381  322  381  423  553
Dinner  360  463  520  509  397  421  633
Drinks  99  141  99  116  100  100  109
Daily Totals  1,108  2,002  1,774  1,640  1,568  1,745  2,217

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