Training 21 – 27 March inc. Anglo Celtic Plate 100k

Weekly Summary 27.03.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 94.3 Miles Weight: 154.2 lb Avg Pace: 06:53 mm Time: 10h 49m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 10.2 5.15 5.12 5.10 2.60 4.01 62.14
kcals 921 528 545 559 207 360 4700+

Monday kicked off week 2 taper in a more positive mood, with a solid 10 miles at steady pace averaging 6:31 m/m, Tuesday to Thursday runs were a mix of 5 mile efforts with the final 5 miles on Thursday also coinciding with the end of my carb-depletion phase.

1Tuesday pre sports massage, I completed a solid 5 mile tempo with average pace 6:03 m/m, Wednesday session was another solid 5 mile tempo with average pace 6:08 m/m (slightly harder effort due to the carb depletion), and Thursday was the last carb depleted run of the week with a pre breakfast 5 miles progressive starting at 6:42 m/m > 5:59 m/m with average pace 6:20 m/m, and did I need that carb fuelled breakfast once done!

Friday was a total rest day but with the 6-9 hours travelling by Car, Train and Tube to Perth however I did need to stretch the legs so off out for a very easy 2.6 miles. Saturday was the my planned 4 mile leg loosener and final run before ACP100K, again a very easy run but this time two loops of the 100k route, with a single loop being 2.381km / 1.479 miles ready for the BIG DAY!.

Sunday was RACE DAY and to ensure I don’t spoil it I will add a link here later to my race report. but for now I’ll sign off…..

Race Report now up on XMiles Link HERE

Diet \ Food Diary

carbThird full week, daily calorie target continued to 1760 base plus extra calories consumed dependent on the day’s activities (as shown in the ‘training by days’ table provided by Garmin) for the first 4 days and then increased  to 2050 calories base for Friday and Saturday.

Carb-depletion phase started Monday morning through to Wednesday combined with the mix in tempo of runs, Carb-loading started Thursday morning following the early morning and last carb depleted run of the week.

Race Weight Summary

The below chart shows my weight change between 07/02 – 25/03, this is a condensed 7 week period due to the reduce training window. Recommended weight loss would be at a rate of 1 lbs per week but using a nutrition and energy balanced diet plan taking into account ‘Energy Intake v’s Energy Expendature’ I have hit target 100k race weight of > 155 lb.

Weight Change (7 Weeks):
Date Kilos Lbs Fat % Muscle % Water %
7th February 2016 74 162.6 6.8% 45.9% 65.6%
25th March 2016 70 154.2 4.1% 53.5% 67.1%
Change – 4 – 8.4 – 2.7% + 7.6% + 1.3%

Nutrition intake for Saturday includes an increase of intake with cabohydrate focus, with smaller snacks throughout the day.  Sunday only records breakfast plus race fuel. As part of recovery I will not be recoridng kcals or weight information for 5 days.

Food Diary by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast  558  432  582  314  206  822  422
Morning Snacks  –  –  –  167  243  330  1,584
Lunch  488  465  537  527  757  444  –
Afternoon \ Evening Snacks  –  –  –  505  –  –  –
Dinner  891  552  626  697  881  1,077  –
Drinks  148  146  148  97  88  404  30
Daily Totals  2,085  1,595  1,893  2,307  2,175  3,077  2,036

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