Training 28 – 03 April – Recovery Week

Weekly Summary 03.04.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 28.55 Miles Weight: – Avg Pace: 7:44 mm Time: 03h 40m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 0 3.03 0 3.0 5.1 9.01 8.45
kcals 0 264 0 295 537 816 835

With ACP done this week is a FULL recovery week, with planned minimal light jogging if the body allows.  Following a delayed journey back from Perth, Scotland, where I was restricted to movement on the 12 hour train journey we arrive home at 22:00.  On arriving home and taking my socks and trainers of  I noticed that the result of the journey and lack of mobility was some swelling in my feet and ankles. This reduced overnight and I went out for a very slow 3 mile plod on the Tuesday, with the Wednesday the legs seemed a lot better but still some swelling in the right leg with some calf tightness another day off eating chocolate and cake (the boys birthday :-)).

BIKEThursday another very easy 3 miles, followed by 5 on Friday, then Saturday we picked up the boys new birthday present, we then I jogged 9 miles with him getting used to his new wheels.  Sunday was a planned 10 but legs not feeling great I cut it short at just over 8 miles and went back home to finish my last day of over indulging with some Cider and more cake and chocolate. Back to plan on Monday!

So with 3 weeks to London Marathon focus is towards a steady two week build-up and single week taper.  The only reason this will not be followed is if my body tells me otherwise.  Generally recovery from ACP seems to be good.

Diet \ Food Diary

Being a full recovery week diet and calorie recording is not being completed, this has two main functions;

  1. Recovery – Ensure recovery and refueling of the body with no restriction on calorie intake.
  2. Reward – After 3 months of NO Alcohol and Chocolate

Diet recording will then resume for the final 3 week build up to London Marathon before a minimum of a further 2 weeks of full recover with no diet and calorie recording to ensure the body has a full break from training diet and so that I personally enjoy some pleasures without guilt.

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