Training 11 – 17 Weekly inc. Marnhull 12k

Weekly Summary 17.04.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 66.0 Miles Weight: 150.6 lb Avg Pace: 6:40 mm Time: 07h 19m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles 7.01 9.01 10.17 12.22 7.01 10.06 10.53
kcals 691 805 929 1,213 689 1,041 1,106

m12kSo the legs seem to be returning to some sort of functioning behavior, and the return to some miles. Quite a simple week plan for the week Monday – Friday focused on building up miles in legs with some varied pace efforts to get them turning over, Saturday was a 7 mile tempo run to get the legs ticking over with a steady warm up and warm down for 10 miles. On the Sunday with no real expectations I had the opportunity to run the reborn Marnhull 12k, I decided to give the legs a blast a week out from London just to try and see what might be possible. The weather was perfect and with an undulating north Dorset course I knew a constant pace would be out so decided to go on feel and push when I could, with a quick first mile 5:19 m/m I was on my own for the whole race and happy with the splits (5:19 5:36 5:36 5:44 5:41 5:58 5:47 2:49) giving me 1st place in 42:30 with an average pace of 5:42 m/m.

Thoughts are now firmly on London and plan for next week is to make a decision on target marathon pace.  Let’s see where we are next Sunday…..

Diet \ Food Diary

First week of taper for London Marathon, taper was planned with adding some quicker shorter runs so the daily calorie target was set at 2,030 base plus extra calories consumed dependent on the day’s activities (as shown in the ‘training by days’ table provided by Garmin), with a plan to have an energy in balance of 500kcals per day to continue the journey to target race weight.

Sundays weight was 150.6lb, just slightly above the 149.0lb the same time last year pre London but a lot closer than I was expecting. Now for the normal 3 day carb depletion phase Monday – Wednesday.

Food Diary by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast  287  313  298  300  300  238  290
Morning Snacks  0  357  363  566  230  199  119
Lunch  318  357  320  529  172  396  704
Afternoon \ Evening Snacks  814  364  480  345  386  692  555
Dinner  507  633  522  677  802  731  485
Drinks  92  127  78  104  95  115  150
Daily Totals  2,018  2,151  2,061  2,521  1,985  2,371  2,258

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