Training 18 – 24 April inc. London Marathon

Weekly Summary 24.03.2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Weekly Totals:
Total Miles: 67.2 Miles Weight: 152.2 lb Avg Pace: 06:24 mm Time: 7h 09m
Training by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Miles  10.13  8.01 6.22  7.16  5.45  3.26  26.92
kcals  967  860 649  734  494  316  2,323

So final week and back to Carb-depletion, Monday kicked off with a 10 mile interval session based on 1 mile easy 3 miles (5:55) 1 easy (3 miles (5:45) 2 easy, the first 3 miles into a slight headwind and the benefit on the second 3 but the depleted stores kept it feeling like a real workout.  Tuesday was the second day carb depleted, the session was 1 x easy 2 x 5:58 m/m 1 x easy 2 x 5:55 m/m 2 x easy and completed pre breakfast. And wow did I feel it, followed by a sport massage. I can confirm today I am NOT looking forward to the last two carb depleted runs.

Wednesday was 1 x steady 3 x (6:00 m/m) 2 x easy and Thursday and final carb depleted run was a 7 miles final carb depleted run – couldn’t sleep up early = carbs early 🙂 as the title suggests I had real issues sleeping so was up and out early. Then a simple 5.4 mile run Friday and finally Last 3 miles = Performance Condition +8 ?? in London town, noted in the title I have never had Performance Condition +8 on my Garmin and whilst knocking out a faster than planned run in windy London I was still undecided on what the plan was for Sunday!

London Marathon

So overnight and following a very good night sleep I had made a decision! The plan was to give it a go, knowing it was only four weeks after ACP100 my legs were feeling pretty good and I had managed a decent taper with some efforts on getting pace into the legs. My NEW plan was sub 2:35 starting at PB pace (sub2:30) with a plan to go for as long as the legs would carry me, this could be 5 miles or 26.2 miles.

2First was the meet in the championship start area, now a big part of the day not only because of the growing number of Dorset runners but also a chance to have face to face conversations with many friends from the FetchEveryone sub245 thread.

So I kicked off feeling no pressure and enjoyed the first 16 miles immensely, with the company of Bournemouth AC teammate Toby Chapman for most of the early miles before he pushed on. Feeling strong the miles seemed to fly by and with an eye on keeping my average pace below 5:44 m/m’s it was very comfortable. Normal highlights with the crowd at Cutty Sark 1and Tower Bridge, then approaching miles 14-15 were I know Nicki will be waiting to see me before she heads off to Westminster. And not to disappoint she was jumping around like a looney to make sure I spotted her in the crowd.

Even approaching and tackling miles 17 – 25 aerobically I felt great but the legs just seemed to be slowing and the effort levels were a bit higher than were I wanted to be. This coincided with a period where I was passing people but running mainly solo into a windy part of the course weaving around Canary Wharf. At this point I knew any outside chance of a PB was gone so I changed my approach and kept the effort at a comfortable level and sat in at just under 6 m/m pace give or take a couple of GPS underpass blips on the splits. (see bold on pace splits below).

3Again with the new focus miles 20 – 26 went smoothly and as has been mention in the photos flying around Facebook I seemed to be enjoying myself with a constant smile beaming across my face. And I even managed to pick it up for the final mile, where seeing Nicki at Big Ben always helps me with a final push. crossing the line in 02:32:25. No PB today but a very satisfying performance and one that has given me greater belief in my ability and a real feeling that I am capable of Sub2:30 (Maybe even to be attempted this Autumn)

Celebration pint at the Red Lion with the now growing annual crowd always finishes off a very special race day. Before a quick trip to ‘South Bank Street Food Market’ to gain a few pounds in body weight and jumping on the train home.

Mile Splits

5:41 5:35 5:38 5:33 5:41 5:42 5:35 5:46 5:49 5:40 5:43 5:42 5:47 5:41 5:48 5:48 5:51 6:06 5:58 5:58 6:01 5:57 5:58 6:15 5:55 5:47 1:35

London Marathon – decent day at the office

Thanks to Manol and Pat for the photos

Diet \ Food Diary

Race Weight Summary

The below chart shows my weight comparison between London 2015 and London 2016. Target race weight of > 153 lb.

2015 – 2016 Weight Chart:
Phase Date Kilos Lbs Fat % Muscle % Water %
End of Carb Depleation 23th April 2015  66.5  146.0  2.5%  52.1%  68.4%
Pre Race Day (Sat) 25th April 2015  68  150.0  3.2%  52.9%  68.3%
End of Carb Depleation 20th April 2016  67  148.0  2.9%  51.6%  68.8%
Pre Race Day (Sat) 23th April 2016  69  152.2  3.9%  51.1%  67.7%

I had stuck to the same daily calorie target as week 1 of taper 2,030 base plus extra calories consumed dependent on the day’s activities (as shown in the ‘training by days’ table provided by Garmin) for the Monday – Wednesday.

Carb-depletion (see updated link including meals for London Marathon) phase started Monday morning through to Wednesday combined with the mix in tempo of runs, Carb-loading started Thursday morning following the early morning and last carb depleted run of the week.

Nutrition intake form Thursday > Saturday includes an increase of intake with carbohydrate focus, with smaller snacks throughout the day.  Aim 10g carbs per 1kg body weight. (10g x 67kg = 670g per day). This will see an increase in kcals for the loading phase. (See table below) and blog Carbohydrate Loading

Sunday only records breakfast plus race fuel.

Food Diary by days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast  647  657  637  402  289  312  568
Morning Snacks  –  –  –  791  518  666  500
Lunch  518  917  537  511  451  596  –
Afternoon \ Evening Snacks  144  144  144  614  877  1,259  –
Dinner  683  818  921  788  783  508  –
Drinks  66  2  10  772  494  389  335
Daily Totals  2,058  2,537  2,250  3,878  3,412  3,730  1,403
Daily Carbs  13g  7g  7g  668g  619g  661g  266g

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