Training – May 2016 Summary

Monthly Summary May 2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 132.63 Miles Weight: – Avg Pace: 6:44 Time: 14:52:51

So after the fallout from the North Dorset Village Marathon May was all about trying to let the body recover. In summary the month consisted of;

Week 1 – total recovery with only 3 miles being logged

Week 2 – steady week of 35 miles, 2 full rest days

Week 3 – Full rest week (No running)

Week 4 – Full training week, 67 miles logged

Niggles and exhaustion was the main reason for the months activities, returning from injury in January then jumping into a full training schedule for the ACP 100k has taken it’s toll and whilst London Marathon went amazing off the training NDVM was defiantly a race too far!


Also a change in footwear, due to a few issues with trainers in the last block of training I decided on a few visits to running shops to check out my gait with gait analysis on the treadmill. The main change following this is that where previously I had worn a stability shoe due to a mild over-pronation that was spotted as the cause of ITB issues when I first started running in 2007. However it would seem that over the past 9 years my running style has changed (Improved) resulting in a move to a neutral trainer. With this I also switched from Brooks to New Balance, this was more as an experiment but also as I had felt the Brooks recent models felt tighter on my foot width, this resulted in 2 x training shoes and 1 x trail shoe to ensure that I was running in a consistent style.  Lets see how that goes over the coming months.

Diet & Weight

Recovery month, and well needed. Always let your body recover!

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