Training – January 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary January 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 306.66 Miles Weight: – Avg Pace: 7:02 m/m Time: 35:47:36
Slightly fitted vest!!!

So kicked off 2017 with local league race the Broadstone 1/4 Marathon on New Years day, what this did is highlighted I have a bit of work to do. Base building miles and went well for the first 3 weeks until being hit by the lurgy and a 26 mile final week knocked the mileage down.

As far as schedule goes i’m looking to build miles with steady runs with double runs to hit 15 – 20 miles on some week days, main endurance intervals sessions once a week and double up on long runs with some paced efforts at parkrun mid and \ or end of medium to long runs.

Broadstone 1/4 Marathon – TIME: 37:35 | PACE: 5:44 m/m | WAVA: 79.10

Big mileage starts now!

Diet & Weight

Build up month one, no weight recording.

Switching to a balanced training diet with no alcohol and minimal treats.

Training – Annual Summary 2016

Annual Summary 2016

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Annual Totals:
Total Miles: 3,127 Miles Weight: 152.2 lb (162.6 lb) Races \ Events: 30  WAVA: 82.70
Training by months:
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Miles 179 364 304 231 133 259 351 273 306 228 179 319
Weight (lb) 162.6 157.8 154.2 152.2

What a year! The highlight has to be representing England at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k, having had a tough time with injury in the latter part of 2015 I applied with an outside hope of 1) being selected and 2) returning from Injury. When the e-mail from the England selectors arrived it was one week after being given the OK to commence build up to full training so I had 3 months to build miles, build endurance and hit race weight just to stand on the start line to RACE 100k (62.13 miles)

8The race went better than I could have hoped, and finishing strong left the desire to have another crack hopefully in 2017 (Read – Training 21 – 27 March inc. Anglo Celtic Plate 100k).

A few more race highlights;

The latter part of 2016 was about staying fit, strong and injury free ready for 2017, after a shaky end to 2015 it was a priority to hit 2017 strong, a final December mileage of 319 was my biggest ever December mileage so roll on 2017


Diet & Weight

Following injury the main goal was to train well, fuel and recovery to train again, as normal I excluded alcohol from my diet between January – April and controlled my diet against my training schedule. Priority was to eat well and hit race weight for ACP 100k (154.2 lb) and London Marathon (152.2 lb). The remainder of the year was to my continued routine but include a few treats (including a few beers and bottles of wine).