Training – February 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary February 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 381.25 Miles Weight: – Avg Pace: 7:08 m/m Time: 45:18:05

Short month big training miles, including first and second of the 100+ mile weeks. Main aim to run double runs Monday – Friday with Tuesdays and Thursday being easy days. Main endurance intervals sessions on Wednesday evening with group at Poole Park.

Endurance Interval Sessions

Week Mileage
Week 8 20th Feb to 26th Feb 112.9
Week 7 13th Feb to 19th Feb 106.86
Week 6 6th Feb to 12th Feb 78.67
Week 5 30th Jan to 5th Feb 72.07

Biggest run was on Saturday 25th with 26.23 miles – Trail / Road Marathon (easy – Moors Valley parkrun – easy) No b’fast No fuel


Only 1 run this month, with a blast on the Sunday 26th at the Sika 10k (Trail) – Sika 10k – 1st place (34:25)


Diet & Weight

Build up month two, no weight recording. planning to start recording weight in March.

Balanced training diet, no alcohol and minimal treats. With normal weekday looking like;

  • Run
  • Breakfast (Porridge)
  • Lunch (Salad with Mackerel)
  • Snack (Energy Bar or \ Wholewheat toast with jam and peanut butter)
  • Run
  • Dinner
  • Snack (Low fat yogurt with protein power and dried fruit)

Other snacks, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate


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