Reset Training – Low Carb Diet (Keto)

17 Weeks to Comrades

Firstly a training update, base had been building well in December (316 miles) but picked up a hamstring niggle end of the month. January (259) was steady mileage with a few sessions, however each session kicked off a issue with the hamstring.

January 2019 – Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 259.36 Miles Weight: 75.8 kg Avg Pace: 7:13 m/m Time: 31:10:34

February – RESET – Plan to resolve Hamstring niggle with a combination of a break from running, Pilates, Sports Massage and physio.


With the break from running it’s given me the opportunity to again focus on the nutrition side of my training, something that went very well in the build up and race for the 100k World Championships in September.

The main focus has been a reduction in intake and controlled carbohydrate consumption, during the 100k build up I was using a low carb approach but not monitoring the carb intake just the overall calorie intake.  This time I am planning to use a Low Carb Diet (Keto) approach with a avg. 50 – 75g carbs per day during my standard diet with an increase for  training load and racing.

Overview of intake 06/02 – 12/02

Nutrition – Week 1 Plan

Keeping to low carb target during build-up of miles, increased carbs for weekend 30 miles and help with fatigue and recovery after a decent week of miles from the previous 0 mile week.

Weight – Race Weight Target 65kg

Race weight is 65kg, in 2017 my race weigh was 71kg,  I am looking to get back to 65kg for Comrades.  A little over indulgence over Christmas has started the year at a healthy 75.8kg.

Weight Summary:
DATE Weight (Kg) Fat (%) Muscle (%) Water (%)
01/01 75.8kg (159lb)
08/02 73.88g (159lb) 7% 45.7% 64.6%
13/02 72.1kg (159lb) 6% 47.4% 65.7%
17/02 71.0kg (159lb) 5.3% 48.1% 66.3%

Weekly tracking will start 17/02, all weight records will be first thing Sunday morning.

Training – Week 1 Plan

Weekly Totals: (6 sessions)
Total Miles: 65.38 Miles Avg Pace: 7:14 m/m Time: 7:53:03

Training has resumed 11/02 with easy 5 miles, this will increase over the week whilst monitoring the hamstring.

Please with weekly progress, DOM’s later part of the week following 7 days off.

Week 1 – 11 – 17 February Summary:
DATE Summary
11/02 5 Miles easy effort (7:18m/m) + Sports Massage
12/02 Rest
13/02 50 Mins Steady (6:53m/m) – 7.27 miles
14/02 11 Miles Steady (6:45m/m)
15/02 10 Miles Steady (7:19m/m) + Sports Massage
16/02 15 Miles – 3 x Moors Valley Loops (7:12m/m)
17/02 16.5 Miles Easy/Steady (7:41m/m)

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