Week 2 – Comrades Buildup

16 Weeks to Comrades

So just to clarify I’m not doing a 17 week plan for Comrades, my Comrades specific sessions will start in April.  But this blog series will cover my build up with Manchester and London Marathon included as build up races (Not target races)

Nutrition – Week 2 Summary

Goal carbs on normal training days to just below 50g, increasing to approx. 100g on high intensity days or high mileage. With a race day nutrition test on Sunday.

Race day nutrition;

Weight – Race Weight Target 65kg

Weight is dropping nicely, keeping an eye on fatigue levels. when down to 66-68kg will increase intake to maintain weight as mileage builds.

Weight Summary:
DATE Weight (Kg) Fat (%) Muscle (%) Water (%)
18/02 70.6kg 5.1 48.6 66.5
20/02 71.5kg 5.4 50.0 65.8
23/02 70.8kg 5.1 49.7 66.3
24/02 71.1kg 4.8 48.5 66.8

Weekly tracking will start 17/02, all weight records will be first thing Sunday morning.

Training – Week 2 Summary

Weekly Totals: (11 sessions)
Total Miles: 90.2 Miles Avg Pace: 7:04 m/m Time: 10:36:58

Focus to build mileage and keep pace steady to through the week, key sessions 4 x Colehill loops, undulating 18 miles and Wokingham Half.  Plan for Wokingham was to run to feel on effort and hamstring target pace 6:00m/m, pace felt good slightly quicker and kept even splits for a solid run just keeping inside 76 mins.

Plan to increase mileage to 100 miles for week 3 with a progressive 20 mile effort at the Wimborne 20 – 3 lap course

Week 2 – 18 – 24 February Summary:
DATE Summary
18/02 8 Miles Steady (7:10m/m)
19/02 11 Miles Steady (6:53m/m)
4 Miles – Easy (7:11m/m)
20/02 18 Miles – 4 x Colehill Loops (7:13m/m)
21/02 60 Minutes Easy Progressive (7:30m/m)
Pilates – 60 Minutes
4 Miles Easy (7.28m/m)
22/02 10 Miles Undulating – Steady (7:22m/m)
Sports Massage
23/02 11 Miles Steady (7:23m/m)
24/02 1 Miles warm-up (7:53m/m)
Wokingham Half Marathon (5:48m/m)
1 Miles cool down (8:22m/m)

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