Week 5 – Comrades Buildup (inc. Fleet Half Marathon)

13 Weeks to Comrades

Nutrition – Week 5 Summary

Week 5 sees the arrival of the first proper build up race following hamstring issues, not a planned race in the initial build-up but a late entry to test the legs following a successful outing at Wokingham Half.  So with the Fleet Half Marathon it was a chance to test full pre-race fuelling, with an increase in carbs on the Saturday and Sunday to include race loading. This week also included an increased for Wednesdays intervals session.

The increase in dietary carbs was by including sweet potatoes into pre-race meals.

Race day nutrition;

Weight Target 67-69kg Training 65kg Race Weight

Weight has stabilised during week for with the start of some quality sessions and increase calories and carb intake. Still keeping an eye on fatigue levels.

Weight Summary:
DATE Weight (Kg) Fat (%) Muscle (%) Water (%)
11/03 69.4kg 4.1 51.5 66.8
15/03 68.6kg 3.8 52.3 67.2
16/03 68.2kg 3.6 52.5 67.4
17/03 68.3kg 3.7 51.5 67.4

Training – Week 5 Summary

Weekly Totals: (10 sessions)
Total Miles: 91.20 Miles Avg Pace: 7:11 m/m Time: 10:54:45

Building mileage towards 100 mile week, main focus to start introducing interval sessions and increase long runs.  Whilst maintaining focus on core strength and stretching to monitor hamstring.

Sunday Race –Fleet Half (PB 1:12:31) 1st M40 – (5:34m/m) Very please with the performance, decided to set off at 72 minute pace, first few mile a bit slower due to wind and getting rhythm going but second half settled into the run and finished strong, feeling very comfortable.

Split Summary
1) 1m – 5:39(5:39/m) 146/156bpm 90cal 10.63/11.71mph
2) 1m – 5:35(5:35/m) 157/159bpm 97cal 10.73/11.75mph
3) 1m – 5:36(5:36/m) 159/162bpm 97cal 10.73/11mph
4) 1m – 5:33(5:33/m) 159/166bpm 97cal 10.8/11.23mph
5) 1m – 5:35(5:35/m) 158/166bpm 96cal 10.76/11.04mph
6) 1m – 5:37(5:37/m) 159/167bpm 97cal 10.69/11.12mph
7) 1m – 5:38(5:38/m) 160/165bpm 98cal 10.66/11.12mph
8) 1m – 5:30(5:30/m) 160/164bpm 95cal 10.92/11.23mph
9) 1m – 5:29(5:29/m) 160/164bpm 95cal 10.94/11.33mph
10) 1m – 5:43(5:43/m) 161/163bpm 99cal 10.49/11.31mph
11) 1m – 5:24(5:24/m) 161/163bpm 93cal 11.12/11.75mph
12) 1m – 5:28(5:28/m) 161/163bpm 96cal 10.96/11.63mph
13) 1m – 5:36(5:36/m) 162/165bpm 97cal 10.73/11.56mph
14) 0.05m – 13(4:39/m) 162/163bpm 4cal 12.91/11.94mph
5:39 5:35 5:36 5:33 5:35 5:37 5:38 5:30 5:29 5:43 5:24 5:28 5:36 13
Week 11 – 17 –  March Summary:
DATE Summary
11/03 ML 14 Miles (7:16m/m)
12/03 8 Miles – AM (7:41m/m)
6 Miles – PM (7:07m/m)
13/03 5 Miles – AM (7:53m/m)
Intervals 8 x 1k (90) – (6:38m/m)
14/03 Morning Easy 8 (8:05m/m)
Pilates – 1 Hour
15/03 90 mins / @124 AHR (7:23m/m)
Sports Massage – Legs 20 mins
16/03 12 Miles – Easy @118 AHR (7:48m/m)
17/03 Warm Up 1 Mile (8:22m/m)
Race –Fleet Half (PB 1:12:31) 1st M40 – (5:34m/m)


So after the World 100k I have switched from New Balance and the 1400’s model to Nike, basically wanted to understand the hype of the Vaporfly Flyknit 4%’s.  First I ordered a pair of Zoom Fly Flyknit which have now done over 500 miles, but after the first run I bit the bullet and purchased the 4%’s.  Saying that they have stayed in the box until Sunday and at the Fleet Half Marathon they made there debut.

VERDICT – Wowzers they certainly lived up to the hype, produced a PB performance and were responsive, light and extremely comfortable. I believe wearing the Zoom Fly Flyknit’s for training really helps the transition but I would recommend them to anyone even at the circa £200 price tag they command.

I have just ordered a replacement pair of Zoom Fly Flyknit’s for the next training block, but 500 miles and still going strong is worth the £90 via Nike.co.uk.

Current Mileage

New Balance > 1400v6

-Red White AW18 – UK 11

Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

-Red – UK 11


Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

– UK11 Grey



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