Training – May 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary May 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 304.43 Miles Weight: 71.5 kg (157 lb) Avg Pace: 7:10 m/m Time: 36:21:20

May is Anglo Celtic Plate 100k month! Plus a final build up weekend including the White Star Running OX Frolic (12 hour trail race) and OX Half Marathon events on the 6th and 7th of May.

The main plan was keeping the mileage high for the first week of May, then a cut back week before race week 15th to 21st. The last big week included a race weekend where I was looking to run up to 100k over 2 days, this included a road 13.1 mile run on Friday 5th followed by a 12 hour Trail Race on the Saturday 6th (Where i would run up to 50k) and then a Half Marathon Trail Race on the Sunday 7th.

After Anglo Celtic Plate 100k the plan is to rest and enjoy some beers.

Weekly Mileage breakdown

Last 100 mile weeks, followed by 1 week cut back (Taper) then easy running race week.

Week Mileage
Week 22 29th May to 4th Jun 33.48
Week 21 22nd May to 28th May 18.14
Week 20 15th May to 21st May 103.72
Week 19 8th May to 14th May 68.87
Week 18 1st May to 7th May 95.95


The OX Frolic (12 hour trail race) was a tough 10k loop, with steep uphills and downs with hard rutted ground, I set off with a max target of running 5 laps, this included a longer lap 1 that made 4 laps a full marathon (completed in 03:15), the final lap was a bit of a slog but the target was ticket off in 04:03:00 without walking any of the steep hills.  The Sunday OX Half Marathon Trail Race was a different matter, the plan here was go off conservatively over the fast half (or just try to run after the Saturday) and then try to push on for the second half.  The lead group of 3 runners went off faster than my planned effort so I let them go before hitting the first of 2 very steep hills (both which I hiked). After about 3 miles I caught the front group  and up to mile 6 ran in a pair swapping positions, as the course flattened out I gaped the 2nd place runner to finish comfortably in 1st place with a 2.5 minute lead.

Race Report – British Championships 100km – Silver / Anglo Celtic Plate – England Team Gold

Sun, 21/05/2017 ACP100k 2nd – Silver Medal 🥈 (watch died as did I 😬) 07:04:28
Mon, 24/04/2017 OX 12 (50k Training Run) 04:03:00
Sat, 06/05/2017 OX Half Marathon 1st 01:35:24


Plus a sneaky parkrun win at Poolsbrook on the Saturday before ACP

Sat, 20/05/2017 Poolsbrook parkrun 1st 17:22
Sat, 15/04/2017 Morning Run inc Poole parkrun (2nd 16:49) 16:49

Diet & Weight

Carbohydrate depletion from Sunday 14th through to Thursday 18th, this was a no carb diet with all meals consisting of Meat, Eggs, Cheese only. Thursday was my last carb depleted run and carb loading started at breakfast following my 6am run.

Race weight was slightly higher than marathon race weight at 71.5kg, with a low of 70.5kg during carbohydrate depletion.



British Championships 100km – Silver / Anglo Celtic Plate – England Team Gold

On Sunday 21st May 2017 I was honoured once again to have the opportunity to run for England at The Meridian Ultra Road Race 100k in the British Athletics 100k Road Race Championship and the The Anglo Celtic Plate Home Countries 100k.

After being selected in 2016 and running my debut 100k in 07:17:43, being part of the winning ACP100k England team and finishing in 4th position in the British Athletics 100k Road Race Championship I was looking forward to setting myself new targets for 2017.

My training and build-up races had gone well and I had set myself a top-end targets to both achieve the GB qualifying time 06:55 for the World Championships in Croatia 2018 and to improve my overall position in the race and podium in the British Athletics 100k Road Race Championships.  Both these targets were aspirational; to run a 18 minute PB targeting sub 7 hours, a time that has only been achieved by 23 men on the All-Time Run Britain Rankings , along with improving on my 4th place finish from 2016  in, what looked like, a very strong field both in the national teams and the open race, was always going to be a big ask.

The Race

We were based at the Patrington Haven Holiday Park, which was also race HQ and the start / finish position for the race. The route consisted of a 25k out and back, which was completed 4 times turning at a cone after 12.5k. The course was pancake flat but totally exposed to the elements with a single lane road (very hard surface, with camber) exposed between fields with each stretch of road lasting approximately 1.6km before a slight turn in direction onto another stretch into the distance, and when looking to the side you could see large tankers in the Humber estuary as if they were dumped in the fields.

We were fortunate with the wind and being a dry day as there would be no protection from the elements, but as the hours passed the sun would appear to give another factor to the race, especially over the last 25k.

Setting off at 07:30 the group of runners soon spread out down the road, with four leading off in a group at a very quick approx. 6:15 m/m pace, a solo runner in 5th before a small group of us at 6:35 m/m pace.  At about 5k I was already running solo from the group as I passed for the first time aid station #1 manned by England coach Michelle Maxwell and my wife Nicki (5, 20, 30, 45, 55, 70, 80, 95k), then then onwards to my dad who was crewing for me at the aid station #2 with England coach Daz Reevell (10, 15, 35, 40, 60, 65, 85, 90k). 

My pacing style is to sit at one pace for as long as possible and I continued to knock off the miles with an average pace of 6:34 m/m taking 4th place at approximately 20k. Then it was out-and-back checking off the aid station visits before catching and passing 3rd place (Tom Evans) at approximately 55k whilst still keeping my average pace at 6:34 m/m. I maintained this comfortably until 70 – 75k, before looping the caravan park and out onto the final out-and-back. This is when I was starting to feel the effects of the now stronger sun and needed to focus on the job in hand as the last 25k was going to be a suffer-fest. I was in the knowledge that the runner I passed for 3rd had dropped from the race so I had a decent lead on 4th but 1st and 2nd were clear and I estimated they had a 3-4k lead at 75k. As I left the holiday park I got the shout from the England Team manager Walter on his bike that ‘the race starts now’ and I started out to tick-off my final 4 aid station visits;  first Nicki where I grabbed my fuel (and it was noted on her facebook updates I was not smiling anymore) then onto aid station #2. Already my pace had dropped to 7:15 m/m, however I was committed to keep moving in the knowledge that a slowing of pace would not be a disaster and affect my overall position as long as I didn’t stop.

As I was approaching the 85k point I was being told by runners in the other direction that 1st place was slowing and I was catching, Walter came past on the bike saying 2nd was mine and just before I hit the 85k timing mat I passed 2nd (Jason Cherriman) who was now walking and out of the race. I ran through the 85k aid station and grabbed the bottle from dad.

The events of these last few minutes had two effects on me. Firstly the extra adrenaline soared though my body, after being told that I was in 2nd and that people tracking me would know this as I had just passed the timing mat, and then the realisation that I had just been given and consumed my fuel 5k early = NO FUEL FOR THE LAST 15k !!!!!!!!

As I was at the far end of the course this also was the point where I could gauge my position on the road to my England team-mate and room-mate Lee Grantham. Lee was looking strong out in front and it was great to have the opportunity to give each other a shout of encouragement when we passed each other, and when we crossed each other I knew I was roughly 3.5 / 4k down. It was then time to check the gap behind, this was confirm as I crossed 3rd place (David McLure of Scotland) at aid station #2, so the gap was 5k.

The last 10k home was tough, my watch died so I had no pace information or indication on distance except the aid stations and I was down to water at the aid stations. Keeping the momentum going and trying to not drop the pace was my focus, a few difficult moments with breathing and heat over the last 5k on the long road stretches pushed me to the limit and I was more than happy to see the holiday park and the final loop round the park lake to finish in Silver place and a new PB of 07:04:28 and 27th on the All-Time Run Britain Rankings.

The support from the other runners was such a boost on the course, running solo for 95k is tough but I had encouragement not only from the England Team but also the Scottish and Welsh runners in the ACP and the runners in the open race.  It was a pleasure to run with everyone and I know many great runs were completed with PB’s recorded across the depth of the field.

My 5k Splits

Lap/CP Km Net Gross
1/1 5 19:30 00:19:32
1/2 10 21:04 00:40:36
1/3 15 20:33 01:01:08
1/4 20 20:58 01:22:06
1/5 25 20:15 01:42:20
2/1 30 19:34 02:01:54
2/2 35 21:00 02:22:53
2/3 40 20:24 02:43:16
2/4 45 20:56 03:04:12
2/5 50 20:19 03:24:30
3/1 55 19:27 03:43:57
3/2 60 21:06 04:05:03
3/3 65 20:38 04:25:40
3/4 70 21:29 04:47:08
3/5 75 21:06 05:08:14
4/1 80 21:02 05:29:15
4/2 85 23:05 05:52:19
4/3 90 23:03 06:15:22
4/4 95 24:46 06:39:45
4/5 100 24:46 07:04:30

England Teams WIN and retain ACP Titles

Being part of this amazing England team was a privilege and to be part of a winning team for the second time topped a fantastic day. World class performances from Lee and Sue to take the British 100k titles, PB’s for many and some gutsy runs. It didn’t go right for everyone but you will be back stronger.

Massive congratulations to the entire team with some fantastic personal performances, it was a pleasure to be part of the team with you all.

Men’s Team

1. Lee Grantham England 06:42:42
2. Anthony Clark England 07:04:28
4. Paul Fernandez England 07:25:27
6. Nathan Montague England 07:33:04
11. Darryl Hards England 08:12:48

Woman’s Team

9. Sue Harrison England 08:01:22
10. Sophie Carter England 08:11:38
12. Melissa Venables England 08:25:52
Samantha Amend (completed 50k) England DNF
Susie Chesher England DNF

Full Anglo Celtic Plate Finishers List

My Crew

Words cannot even start to explain the support I have from the most amazing person in the world. Not only does my wonderful wife Nicki support me every minute of the day in all I do and bring up our little family team together but for 7 hours she stands by the road passing me my fuel and being my mental reward seeing her each pass point. Thanks you 😘

I was also supported by my Mum & Dad with Dad at aid station #2 (7 hours waiting, cheering, supporting). Without my family support I could never achieve this.

My Nutrition \ Fuel

So a brief insight into my race day nutrition, lessons learnt: prepare extra fuel for each aid station even if you don’t plan to use it, I could have done with some more Tailwind over that last 15k

Night before Mountain Fuel Night Fuel
Breakfast Weetabix + Milk \ Chia Charge Bar \ 330ml Raspberry Buzz Tailwind)
Race 10k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Torq Energy Bar
20k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Torq Energy Bar
30k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews 1/2
40k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews
50k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews 1/2
60k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews
70k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews 1/2
80k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews
85k 90k 300ml \ 1 Scoop Raspberry Buzz + Chews 1/2
Post Race Mountain Ultimate Recovery Fuel Strawberry

What next?

Looking back I had a really good solid run, but the heat took it’s toll over the final 25k. I am a little disappointed to miss my sub7 target but 100k is a tough cookie to crack, my two runs have helped me understand how to race 100k and I feel I have areas I can improve to go faster and break that sub7 barrier.

Thanks for all the messages and support, it was an honour to race for England and hopefully it won’t be the last time I get to pull on an international vest.

ACP 100k Build-up & Training Summary – May 2017

ACP 100k Build-up & Training inc. Monthly Summary  up to 16th May 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Part Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 182.98 Miles Weight: 70.5 kg (155 lb) Avg Pace: 7:16 m/m Time: 22:09:25

So we hit the final week before the big event! It seems a long time ago that the training started back in November for the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k (ACP100k), especially compared to 2016 when the race was held on the Sunday March 27th 2016.

I have enjoyed the training more this year than ever before with a focused goal and coming into the training block in decent shape rather than fighting back from injury always helps the mindset. Highlights being March, my biggest ever mileage month and April with London, Marathons for the Mind and North Dorset Village Marathon at paced training efforts.

May Weekly breakdown

So back to May, my scheduled started with my last big training week with 94k in 3 days (13.1m / 32.1 m /13.1 m) which included the White Star Running OX 12 hour (planned 50k run) and OX Half (90+ miles week). Then into the last two week, first a cut back week (65-70 miles) and then final taper week (Monday – Saturday 50 miles) to include my normal carb depletion from Sunday – Thursday morning followed by carb loading Thursday – Saturday.

Week Mileage
Week 19 8th May to 14th May 68.87
Week 18 1st May to 7th May 95.95


Mon, 24/04/2017 OX Half Marathon 1st 01:35:24
Sat, 06/05/2017 OX 12 (50k Training Run) 04:03:00
Wed, 03/05/2017 Upton Summer Series (2nd) 00:19:28


Sat, 13/05/2017 Morning Run inc Poole parkrun (2nd) 16:49

ACP 100k

We are travelling up to Chesterfield on Friday for a stop off with my brother and family before heading onto Hull on Saturday. Saturday will mainly include a very easy 5 mile leg shakeout run and then doing as little as possible before the England team meeting at 17:00 before dinner and an early night with alarm set for 5am.

The Anglo Celtic Plate is being held in Hull as part of the The Meridian Ultra Road Race 50/100k with the event staging an open 50 and 100k road races, incorporating the British Athletics nations 100k road race championship, The Anglo Celtic Plate Home Countries 100k and England Ultra Distance Championship 50k.

Tracking for the event is available and you can track me here – ACP100k Tracking,  with the race starting at 7:30am on Sunday 21st and there should be splits every 5k.

Now I’ve just got to get on and run it……

Training – April 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary April 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 474.51 Miles Weight: 72 kg (158.6 lb) Avg Pace: 7:07 m/m Time: 56:19:09

April is the last full training month before Anglo Celtic Plate 100k with some big build up paced \ training in race efforts.   Looking back my last day with no running was Sunday 29th January, a 3 day break due to illness (26th, 28th & 29th). The reason for this is I feel I train and recovery better with active recovery days rather than full rest days and I will plan to continue this until race day on the 21st May.

We continued the final group endurance interval sessions up to Wednesday 5th replacing the session on Wednesday 12th with 22 mile session joining the group for the final miles.

Endurance Interval Sessions

Wed, 05/04/2017 30 (5:39/m) 4×5 (5:29, 28, 27, 25/m) 30 (5:49/m)
Wed, 12/04/2017 21 Miles (sort of progressive)

Weekly Mileage breakdown

Building up from the last block of 100+ mile weeks i stepped into a new mileage bracket with two 130 mile weeks, this is the highest I have ever run for weekly mileage. The body responded well and I didn’t feel too much fatigue from the increase.

From the 17th I dropped the mileage to 90+ mile weeks, this was combined with the start of some build up races.

Week Mileage
Week 17 24th Apr to 30th Apr 93.26
Week 16 17th Apr to 23rd Apr 94.26
Week 15 10th Apr to 16th Apr 130.96
Week 14 3rd Apr to 9th Apr 130.01
Week 13 27th Mar to 2nd Apr 113.11


A massive end to the month with 3 marathons in 8 days, London Marathon at controlled effort, followed by 4 hour marathon with Pete Thompson in Lisbon, Portugal as part of his Marathons for the Mind challenge (Please checkout his website and support).  Then North Dorset Village Marathon, again a controlled effort with a pace increase at half way and again with 6 miles to go.

Sun, 30/04/2017 North Dorset Marathon 3rd 02:45:22
Mon, 24/04/2017 Marathons for the Mind No. 24 Lisbon (HOT- Not a PB course) 03:51:14
Sun, 23/04/2017 London Marathon 2017 02:33:26
Sun, 09/04/2017 Marnhull 12k (fastest loser) 00:42:57


Sat, 29/04/2017 Morning Run inc Poole parkrun 18:34
Sat, 15/04/2017 Morning 12 + 🏃Poole parkrun (16:46) 16:46
Sat, 08/04/2017 15 miles (Moors Valley parkrun 1st 17:23) 5 miles 17:23

Diet & Weight

Build up month four, base weight recorded. no planned change in base diet due to high mileage.

Balanced training diet, no alcohol and minimal treats. With normal weekday looking like;

  • Run
  • Breakfast (Porridge)
  • Lunch (Salad with Mackerel)
  • Snack (Energy Bar or \ Wholewheat toast with jam and peanut butter)
  • Run
  • Dinner
  • Snack (Low fat yogurt with protein power and dried fruit)

Other snacks, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate

Training – March 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary March 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 494.47 Miles Weight: 72 kg (158.6 lb) Avg Pace: 7:11 m/m Time: 59:11:55

The plan for March was building on the base mileage with a focus on our group endurance interval sessions and some low key races to be run back to back or with a planned pace effort. The key was to not do anything that might break me or need me to take time for recovery or taper.

Being a full month with no days off say a big mileage month, actually my biggest ever at 494 miles. The reason for no days off is that I feel i training better using rest \ recovery days for active recovery runs rather than stopping.

Endurance Interval Sessions

Wed, 01/03/2017 20 min (5:38) 5 x 3 min (5:30, 5:28, 5:28, 5:27, 5:31) 20 min (5:47) – Strong wind from last 3 min effort
Wed, 08/03/2017 4 x 15:00 (5:49, 5:35, 5:38, 5:39/m) 3 min recovery
Wed, 15/03/2017 23 (5:38/m) 4 x 4 (5:34, 5:36, 5:25, 5:20/m) 23 (5:40/m)
Wed, 22/03/2017 24 (5:37/m) 18 (5:31/m) 12 (5:31/m) 6 (5:25/m) 3 (5:15/m) 2 (4:55/m)
Wed, 29/03/2017 25 (5:42/m) 5×4 (5:28, 5:25, 5:28, 5:25, 5:27/m) 25 (5:45/m)

Weekly Mileage breakdown

Week Mileage
Week 13 27th Mar to 2nd Apr 113.11
Week 12 20th Mar to 26th Mar 117.7
Week 11 13th Mar to 19th Mar 93.83
Week 10 6th Mar to 12th Mar 112.31
Week 9 27th Feb to 5th Mar 114.52


Sun, 05/03/2017 Wimborne 20 – 3rd (Progressive 3rd lap)
Sat, 11/03/2017 WSR Lamer Half (2nd)
Sun, 12/03/2017 Lamer 20 (2nd)
Sun, 19/03/2017 Fleet Half Marathon (Official 90min Pacer) Chip 01:29:31
Diet & Weight

Build up month three, base weight recorded. no planned change in base diet due to high mileage.

Balanced training diet, no alcohol and minimal treats. With normal weekday looking like;

  • Run
  • Breakfast (Porridge)
  • Lunch (Salad with Mackerel)
  • Snack (Energy Bar or \ Wholewheat toast with jam and peanut butter)
  • Run
  • Dinner
  • Snack (Low fat yogurt with protein power and dried fruit)

Other snacks, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate

ACP 100k – Race Build-up Plan

Racing plan is if nothing goes pear shaped

I have put together a full training plan targeting ACP 100k. This plan includes a number of build up races, the targets for each event are flexible but aimed at building my speed over endurance distance whilst working on running back to back longer runs.  This is only my race schedule, the full training schedule also includes other longer distance slower paced runs including a number of long runs with parkrun sandwiched in between slower efforts.

Date Event Target Notes
19-Mar Fleet Half Marathon 1h30 – 6:50/m Official 1h30 Pacer
09-Apr Marnhull 12k 42 mins
23-Apr London Marathon 2h40
24-Apr Lisbon Marathon  SLOW with Pete Thompson 44in44in44
30-Apr North Dorset Village Marathon 2h55 – 6:40/m
06-May WSR OX Frolic (12 Hour) 30 miles
07-May WSR OX Half Marathon Steady

Training – February 2017 Summary

Monthly Summary February 2017

Device: Garmin Forerunner 630

Monthly Totals:
Total Miles: 381.25 Miles Weight: – Avg Pace: 7:08 m/m Time: 45:18:05

Short month big training miles, including first and second of the 100+ mile weeks. Main aim to run double runs Monday – Friday with Tuesdays and Thursday being easy days. Main endurance intervals sessions on Wednesday evening with group at Poole Park.

Endurance Interval Sessions

Week Mileage
Week 8 20th Feb to 26th Feb 112.9
Week 7 13th Feb to 19th Feb 106.86
Week 6 6th Feb to 12th Feb 78.67
Week 5 30th Jan to 5th Feb 72.07

Biggest run was on Saturday 25th with 26.23 miles – Trail / Road Marathon (easy – Moors Valley parkrun – easy) No b’fast No fuel


Only 1 run this month, with a blast on the Sunday 26th at the Sika 10k (Trail) – Sika 10k – 1st place (34:25)


Diet & Weight

Build up month two, no weight recording. planning to start recording weight in March.

Balanced training diet, no alcohol and minimal treats. With normal weekday looking like;

  • Run
  • Breakfast (Porridge)
  • Lunch (Salad with Mackerel)
  • Snack (Energy Bar or \ Wholewheat toast with jam and peanut butter)
  • Run
  • Dinner
  • Snack (Low fat yogurt with protein power and dried fruit)

Other snacks, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate