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Diet and nutrition for athletes has, in recent years, been recognised as crucial not only for maximum performance, but to avoid fatigue and to enhance recovery from training. So why work with a Nutrition and Weight Management (NWM) Advisor and how will you benefit;


Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor

As a Nutrition & Weight Management Advisors we advise and work with clients on techniques based on healthy eating habits in line with current government guidelines. Using skills and knowledge to teach individuals and  groups about eating habits that will improve their sports performance, enabling control of weight management, introducing a balanced diet in line with physical activity and exercise levels, improve health and reduce a client’s chances of developing a wide range of disease.

Our Nutrition and Weight Management courses are run by fully qualified Nutrition and Weigh Management Advisers

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What’s the role of a NWM Advisor?

Sports and Exercise advisors develop, implement and evaluate nutritional strategies to optimise performance in sport and exercise. They determine the energy, fluid and nutrient demands of sport and exercise and provide tailored dietary advice to individuals and groups, ranging from recreational athletes, enthusiastic amateurs to elite professional athletes.

Explain, Encourage and Strive for a healthy diet and achieve help client achieve optimal health. As NWM advisors we provide accurate information to support our clients on government guidelines on healthy eating and the many aspects of weight management.

We work with our clients to understand the impact of nutrition for sport, exercise and activity combined with long-term weight management

Essentials of nutrition;

  • What nutrients make a balanced diet and why we need them
  • What foods provide these nutrients?
  • How do we obtain them from food?
  • Factors the influence eating habits

With this information we look at strategies to improve  \ understand;

  • Energy Balance
  • Calories, what nutrients provide calories
  • How Calories influence weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance

With this information we work with clients to calculate your ideal energy and nutrient requirements.